-Tomato, burrata and pesto salad.  12,30€.

-Russian salad with shrimps.11,20€.

-Croquettes (ask). 13,20€.

-Iberian ham. 17,20€.

-Pimienta rosa´s potatoes. 9,80€.

-Spanish omelette with smoked cod and peppers. 9,70€.

-Crunch shrimps. 11,60€.

-Moorish pastry over dried plum and curry cous cous. 13,30€.

-Cooked vegetables in tomate sauce with free range eggs. 11,60€.


-Cod au gratin with black garlic sauce and spinach. 19,20€.

-Sea bass over cauliflower cous cous. 22,30€.



-Veal cheek served with Honoro-Vera red wine sauce. 24,30€.

-Beef sirloin with lemon-thyme butter. 24,80€.

-Dry aged beef burguer. 15,20€.

-Lamb with mozarabic sauce and almond spices potatoes. 23,70€.



-Typical spanish rice with iberian pork. 18,10€. P.P.

-Cuttle fish and shrimps mellow rice. 18,10€. P.P.



-LEMON'S FOAM. 7,20€.


-Blue cheese cheese cake. 6,90€.


-Chocolate brownie. 7,10€


Red wines

Juan Gil Crianza

(D.O. Jumilla, 100% Monastrell)



Honoro Vera

(D.O. Rioja, 100% Tempranillo)

Glass of wine: 3,50€

Bottle: 17,20€


Tetas de la Sacristana

(D.O. Laujar, Alpujarra)

Bottle: 19,90€


Pago de los Capellanes Roble

(D.O. Ribera del Duero, 100% Tempranillo)

Bottle: 26,60€



(D.O. Toro, Toro)

Bottle: 19,90€



(D.O. Ribera del Duero, 100% Tempranillo)

Glass of wine: 3,70€ 

Bottle: 18,90€


Paco García

(D.O. Rioja, Tempranillo, Garnacha)

Glass of wine: 3,70€

Bottle: 18,90€


Vizcarra Senda del Oro

(D.O. Ribera del Duero, 100% Tinto Fino)

Bottle: 24,50€

Whites wines

Marqués de Vizhoja

(Sin D.O., Albariño, Loureira Blanca)

Glass of wine: 3,50€

Bottle: 17,20€


La seca

(D.O. Rueda, 100% Verdejo)

Glass of wine: 3,40€

Bottle: 16,90€



(D.O. Rueda, 100% Verdejo)

Glass of wine: 3,40€

Bottle: 16,90€



Pina colada. 7,50€

Rum, coconut milk andpineapple juice.


Negroni. 7,50€

Gin, red vermouth and bittercampari.


Mojito. 7,50€

Rum, lime juice, peppermintand brown sugar.


Margarita. 7,50€

Tequila, triple sec and lime juice.


Frozen daiquiri. 7,90€

Rum, lime juice, blueberri,peppermint and brown sugar.


Caipirinha. 7,50€

Cachaça, lime juice and brown sugar.


Bloody Mary. 7,80€

Vodka, tomato juice, lemonjuice, tabasco, worcester

sauce , celery salt and pepper.


Old fashion. 7,80€

Bourbon, angostura and brown sugar.


Whisky sour. 7,80€

Bourbon, lime juice and sugar.


Banana and mango with seeds. 4,30€.


Apple, kiwi and orange

juice. 4,30€.


Apple with pineapple and

mint. 4,40€


Watermelon, mango

and banana. 4,60€


Blueberries, banana and

oat flakes. 4,60€